babybacter: Micuna’s antibacterial cribs

We live surrounded by bacteria, some are good, some are bad. Most of them on entering our body become harmless due to our own protective power. But there are many other species of pathogenic bacteria, such as Legionella, E. coli and Salmonella among others, which can be highly harmful to humans, to the point of […]

Multifunctional PHYSIO Pillows

Multifunctional physio pillow Multi is a relaxation pillow of the Ceba Baby brand. A multifunctional sleeping and feeding pillow useful for moms, dads, and little babies. The pillow is filled with small balls – Styrofoam micro-pearl which is commonly used in rehabilitation pillows. Thanks to its properties, the micro-pearl allows the body to take a […]

Diamond Special Edition

Intelligent functions combined with unique style and pure elegance – that’s the Diamond Edition. The Edition combines top-quality craftsmanship, innovative technology and timeless elegance. The Diamond series offers plenty of highlights – such as the luxurious polished chrome frame, the exclusive marl fabric, or little details like the diamond-stitch seam on the pushbar and seat, […]